Trump slams John Legend for not helping with justice reform

Trump slams John Legend for not helping with justice reform

Trump slams John Legend for not helping with justice reform

Per usual-Trump was trying to take all of the credit for criminal justice reform-as if he invented it or even knew what it was before a year ago.

The aim of the First Step Act is to reduce mandatory minimum sentences in certain cases, in addition to rehabilitating inmates, helping them reintegrate themselves into society following their release.

Trump specifically criticized Legend appearing in an MSNBC town hall-style segment about the criminal justice system, which Legend says could still use some work.

Model and Democrat activist Chrissy Teigen responded to criticism from President Donald Trump on Sunday night by firing off expletive-laced tweet after expletive-laced tweet.

"Anchor" @LesterHoltNBC doesn't even bring up the subject of President Trump or the Republicans when talking about the importance or passage of Criminal Justice Reform", he continued.

Legend explained that Twitter wouldn't allow #PresidentP-yA-B-ch to trend on the social media platform.

Singer John Legend took fire and his wife Chrissy Teigen voluntarily enlisted in the battle. That nickname quickly became a trending hashtag on Twitter Monday.

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She and Legend have both voiced their disapproval with the president in the past, but have also said they are OK with their friends - including Kanye West - supporting him.

A quick fact-check: Trump is constantly saying he's done more for criminal justice reform than any other president (especially Obama-he loves to mention Obama here).

Noah noted that her fiery response was too hot for broadcast news programs to repeat, but he quipped, "luckily, we're not the news". He tagged everyone but honor, mister president.' Savage! Also, as complicit as Melania is in Trump's atrocities, we can't place the burden of changing a man's behavior on his wife-even if that wife does pretend to have dedicated her life to ending cyberbullying.

The hashtag #filthymouthedwife appears to have come later, as people seized on the phrase much like they'd pounced on Trump labeling Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during the 2016 campaign. He called out people like John Legend and his "filthy-mouthed wife", who had "nothing to do with" his efforts but have taken the "praise" - which did not sit well with Teigen.

Teigen then posted a tweet to her three-year-old daughter Luna again ripping the "p**** a** b**** president".

"After 9 years of hating Donald J Trump, telling him "lol no one likes you" was the straw", she wrote. "He needs you", Legend wrote.

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