Two are hospitalized with vaping-related lung injuries in Stanislaus County

Nebraska health officials investigating several cases of disease linked to vaping

Nebraska health officials investigating several cases of disease linked to vaping

The local injuries occurred as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food & Drug Administration investigate more than 200 cases of lung illness tied to vaping in numerous states. Additional pulmonary illnesses are also under investigation by the CDC and the FDA.

Between Thursday and Tuesday, 298 patients across 25 states, including OH, were hospitalized with severe pulmonary illness after vaping tobacco products or dabbing marijuana oils, extracts or concentrates, SCPH said in a news release.

According to a release by NDHHS, healthcare providers are being asked to consider vaping-related illness in a patient presenting with respiratory symptoms and a history of vaping. "We have no long-term data to see what the effects are going to be for people".

Beijing says it 'firmly' supports Hong Kong leader
Jacky So, president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong's student union, said 30,000 students attended a rally on campus. The HKCTU's political outlook was on display at yesterday's rally when it invited two lawmakers to speak.

America's mysterious vaping scare continues to get worse.

Burch explained he smoked cigarettes for 30 years and used vaping to kick the habit, he does not agree with the warning.

Burch points to black market cartridges being bought and sold on the street as the problem because he said it's unknown what is in the cartridges sold illegally and those cartridges are not regulated. At least one person has died so far.

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