Watch Kevin Hart Force Lil Nas X to Explain Homophobia

Lil Nas X creates buzz with Pride tweet

Lil Nas X creates buzz with Pride tweet

A clip of the show was recently released, which focused on Lil Nas X explaining why he came out at the height of "Old Town Road".

When Hart pressed Lil Nas X about "why" he was conditioned to hate himself like that, the rapper responded, "Come on, now". "Yo if my son comes home & try's 2 play with my daughters doll house I'm going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice "stop that's gay, '"reads one of the then 31-year-old's tweets".

Kevin Hart was trending over the weekend after a serious auto accident left him with "major back injuries" as fans and fellow celebrities sent condolences and prayers his way.

Lil Nas X began to answer the question, saying, "It's not like I was being forced".

When the comedian asks him 'why, ' Lil Nas X quickly blurts out 'come on now!' "It's just like growing up. I'm not supposed to ever like this". Hart cut in again: "Hate what?"

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"Lil Nas X seems so stable and healthy and Kevin seems so....not okay".

Hart starts off on the wrong foot, interjecting, "He came out as gay! Why are you growing to hate it?"

"If you're doing this at the top, you know it's for real", he added, highlighting the risk it took for him to share this while riding the wave of such a major hit.

After the clip aired, fans of Lil Nas X instantly defended the record-breaking artist.

Hart stepped down for hosting the Oscars in December of past year after old homophobic tweets resurfaced, including one in which he stated that if he ever found his son playing with a dollhouse he would break it over his head and say, "Stop, that's gay". "His homophobic ass has learned NOTHING", one Twitter user said. In those tweets, he referred to people as "gay" and "f*g" and also used other homophobic slurs.

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