Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging released

Record wireless charging speeds to debut on the Mi 9 Pro 5G

Record wireless charging speeds to debut on the Mi 9 Pro 5G

Today, the company officially released the Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo which happens to offer 30W wireless charging. Xiaomi boasts that its new technology can juice up a 4,000mAh battery completely in just 69 minutes - which is on par with OnePlus's wired Dash Charge technology.

The highlight of this event was Xiaomi's Mi Charge Turbo technology, of course.

Xiaomi won't have its 100W charger that tops up a 4000mAh battery in 17 minutes fit to a retail phone yet, but as soon as this month it will unveil another record-holder when it comes to charging speeds.

Xiaomi also plans to launch a wireless charging pad with support for Mi Charge Turbo. The specifics of the working of this technology are not very clear at this stage since the presentation and source are in Chinese.

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Xiaomi is also selling a 30W wireless charging pad to go with the improved charging speeds, as well as a 20W smart tracking wireless charging pad.

Xiaomi also teased that the company is now working on a 40W wireless charging system too.

The post revealed that the newly-launched Mi Charge Turbo 30 W wireless charging will not only charge the smartphone but it is also capable of charging Apple's AirPods, smartwatch.

The affordable smartphone manufacturer isn't stopping at 30W either, as it confirmed that it's begun testing 40W wireless charging too. The other charger is a larger 20W charger which frees up the user from the hassle of aligning their phone perfectly. For a full charge, it will take about 70 minutes. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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