Apple to release its AR headset in Q2 2020

Apple's AR Headset Expected in Second Quarter of 2020

Apple's AR Headset Expected in Second Quarter of 2020

We have always been talking about Apple's AR headset plans, and it's no secret that the company has been working towards an AR headset for quite some time now.

Apple has been working on integrating augmented reality capabilities in its devices for quite some time now, and naturally, that's led to talk of Apple making some kind of augmented reality headset of its own.

In 2017, the iPhone maker filed a patent for a glasses-style device that harnesses augmented reality (AR), showing how the technology could work with a device and overlay information on real-world objects.

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Apple plans on releasing an iPhone SE 2 early next year, claims analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a new report issued today (as reported by AppleInsider) Kuo says that he believes Apple will be ready to launch its augmented reality glasses in the "second calendar quarter of 2020". It will have an iPhone 8-based design, down to the 4.7” LCD, however it will use the Apple A13 chipset from this year. The headset will primarily be a display, Kuo reportedly said, with functions like computing and networking being handled by a companion iPhone. There's a good chance this initial headset may only be a developer kit and not a device slated for a full consumer release, as there isn't much of a reason to sell AR glasses if there's no content to go with it.

Either way, it's been nearly three years since the last time Apple moved into a new product category with the AirPods, so it's about time for Apple to expand its device portfolio again.

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