Kristen Bell felt 'irresponsible' not speaking about depression

2019 Getty Entertainment- Social Ready Content

2019 Getty Entertainment- Social Ready Content

Beyond her diet, Bell has leaned in to some other buzzy wellness trends to keep her mental health in check. "And I'm loving the fact that if we ever get attacked by ninjas, I would be a valuable asset", Bell told a women's lifestyle magazine. But I've never felt physically strong.

"It's about the muscle in my body", she continued. "(The family has a calendar where) everyone adds their priorities whether that's "I'm going to be home late this night so you gotta know that everything is on you or call a sitter" or "I need some self-care this Saturday". I'm married. Spanx exist.

Fans lashed out. One wrote: "It is a privilege to be able to set aside the real life harm and oppression because it does not affect you", while another tweeted: "there are thousands of people in the middle east who don't get to be friends with people with "different views" because they're dead thanks to him".

As for her diet, Bell said she isn't "super restrictive", and eats a salt bagel with cream cheese regularly. And, that's not something she can do by eating just spinach and chicken. I feel so much more centred, patient, capable.

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For example, Bell, who has says she has struggled with anxiety and depression since she was 18, takes a dropper ofcannabidiol (CBD) oil on her tongue to help manage anxiety. "It sets the next 48 hours for me". "I immediately felt irresponsible, because I do care about depression not being taboo, yet I present this bubbly, outgoing girl who seemingly gets through life with a smile on her face, and I'd never discussed that some days, I don't".

In addition to these holistic remedies, Bell said she takes antidepressants to help with "waves of serotonin imbalance" and still goes to therapy. That's the next right thing. Despite the trendy ingredients, Bell says husband Dax Shepard shops at an affordable grocery chain, not a fancy one. Then you brush your teeth.

Here's what the 39-year-old The Good Place actress had to share with the mag...

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