Microsoft's Airband International aims to bring internet to 40 million people

NewsGeneralRead Microsoft plans to bring internet to 40 million people by 2022
By Brendyn Lotz

NewsGeneralRead Microsoft plans to bring internet to 40 million people by 2022 By Brendyn Lotz

Microsoft is expanding its Airband Initiative-an effort to bring broadband Internet access to unserved 3 million residents in the US -to become a global initiative. At the start, the company would be focusing on the rural and remote communities and areas in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, then later in the other regions. While we might go faster alone, we go much farther together. "A wireless technology or a business model that is suitable for connecting customers in one location might not be suitable for connecting customers in another location", said McKinley.

"Extending Internet access to 40 million people around the world in the span of three years is a big task - but it's informed by our ongoing work in connectivity, experience with partners and engagement from development finance institutions", Shelley McKinley-Head of Technology and Corporate Responsibility, Microsoft, wrote in a blog post on Monday.

Partnering with local internet service providers (ISPs) to provide affordable, reliable internet services.

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The company will also enable "rural digital transformation in newly connected areas, with a focus on supporting agriculture, education, rural entrepreneurship, and telemedicine, as well as off-grid energy sources were necessary in order to improve rural productivity and livelihood". Finally, they will build a large ecosystem of support with a focus on financing to scale these projects beyond their direct investments. Investing in the people in those countries who will maintain and manage those services is a great way of doing things, well done Microsoft.

The 2017 Airband initiatives of Microsoft arranged the efforts for building out internet access across the United States, and now it is applying the same method to its work access in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

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