WoW Classic Phase 2 Will Arrive "Later This Year"

WoW Classic Phase 2 Will Arrive

WoW Classic Phase 2 Will Arrive "Later This Year"

With the unbelievable reception of the gaming community to "World of Warcraft Classic", the game developer is now looking forward to the next set of content updates, they plan to release to the game. Well, Blizzard has revealed that WoW Classic content will be releasing in six stages, and that phase two will be out later this year.

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, "World of Warcraft Classic" Director Ion Hazzikostas shared that the second phase of "World of Warcraft Classic" will be out this year. Less than a week after launch, WoW Classic guild APES achieved two world first kills, taking out the mighty phase one raid bosses Ragnaros and Onyxia.

To accomodate the thousands of WoW Classic players leveling on the same realm, Blizzard has devised a layering system to handle the populations. He added that, because of layering, the game has had servers that were "effectively massively overpopulated even with login queues, during the first couple of weeks" but that these have now largely stabilised, leaving "healthy populations that can endure for the months and years to come".

"Over the five weeks since we launched WoW Classic, we've continuously monitored realm populations and utilized layering when necessary to handle launch populations", Kaivax said.

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What Blizzard hope to achieve is to eliminate the use of layering and have all WoW Classic players into a single server world before phase two can happen, This needs to happen because of world bosses such as Kazzak and Azuregos were created to only appear once at any given time. One of the primary reasons for this is because the bosses scheduled to arrive in the game like Azuregos and Kazzak were developed to appear only one time at any given time.

There been a huge release of World of Warcraft Classic that has brought the MMORPG into light and it has brought millions of new players. Layering would create duplicates and allow players to farm these world bosses, which Blizzard wants to avoid. 13 servers are already locked at a single layer while the most populated worlds are already down to to two layers.

One of the biggest hurdles the Classic server has had to face is the layering problem.

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