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Echo Studio is Amazon’s lower-cost answer to the Home Pod		
	Brian Heater

		9 hours

Echo Studio is Amazon’s lower-cost answer to the Home Pod Brian Heater @bheater 9 hours

The buds have been advertised as "exercise ready" with IPX4 water and sweat resistance, so there are speculations that Amazon may introduce Echo Buds with a Heart Rate Monitor. CNBC reporter Todd Haselton has discovered an experimental feature when it paired the AirPods rival with the Alexa app on an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet and an iPhone. What's more, they dealt with that reverberating accomplishment without one of their greatest supposed highlights - the capacity to serve as a fitness tracker and measure the calories you've consumed.

Surprise! The Amazon Echo Buds have a hidden fitness feature capable of tracking your physical activity.

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And now, CNBC and The Verge have spotted a new "Fitness" in the Echo Buds section of the Alexa app. Users are able to create a fitness profile, track their workouts, and create their own workouts right from the Fitness tab on the app. The section still looks pretty bare, but it does include the option to track a workout that you'd have to toggle on. CNBC did just that and then walked around, at which point the app appeared to have tracked their steps, as it said the following: "You've worked out for 1 minute and 37 seconds". After he was done, Alexa gave him a summary of his activity, including his time, miles, steps and average pace.

There is no information about how far Amazon is planning to go into the fitness tracking space - if at all - but it would turn the Echo Buds into the company's first fitness tracking product.

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