Google Open-Sources Its Cardboard Augmented Reality Project 11/07/2019

Open sourced Google Cardboard

Open sourced Google Cardboard

This will mainly help developers adapt to new phone displays and other changes without waiting for Google.

Google has released an open source project for its Google Cardboard to allow developers to build additional experiences and add support to their apps for various smartphone screen solutions and configurations. Whilst, it was not enough to keep individuals intrigued in the VR product, which resulted in the corporation waving goodbye to Daydream last month.

We reported earlier that Google had ceased the production and sale of Daydream View headsets, after noting a general decline in its usage. However, it gives the simplistic experience of VR and could not match up with the full-fledged VR goggles like Oculus, Gear VR, or Vive. The VR platform was not mentioned on the Pixel 4's specification sheet and Google later confirmed the absence. Google also provided a software development kit for developers to help them create Cardboard-compatible experiences for iOS and Android.

Four years ago, I had plenty of Cardboard-like headsets lying around in my house.

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If you're interested in dabbling with the Cardboard VR project, Google has released developer documentation and uploaded the Cardboard SDK to a GitHub repo.

Over time, phone companies have also dialed back their VR efforts and concentrated more on providing solid AR experiences through Google's ARCore and Apple's ARKit. So Google open-sourced the hardware of Google cardboard in hope of some innovation.

The APIs cover basic head tracking, lens distortion rendering, input handling and an Android QR code library, so apps can pair any Cardboard viewer without relying on the Cardboard application.

At present, Google does not plan to abandon its Cardboard project but instead would assist it by putting in its contributions of new features such as a Unity-ready SDK package.

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