Italy to make teaching climate change compulsory at school

A fire in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil September 2019

A fire in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil September 2019

In addition, sustainable development will appear in more traditional subjects, such as geography, maths and physics, Cramarossa said. At the beginning you will do so as part of the Education for Citizenship, which will also be mandatory from the next academic year, after 30 years of absence- in the framework of a pilot project whose ultimate goal is to incorporate the climate agenda of the United Nations throughout the curriculum.

Italy is to become the first country in the world in which the study of climate change will be made compulsory in schools, the education minister announced on Tuesday.

"I want to make the Italian instruction method the first education and learning program that places the ecosystem and culture at the main of every thing we find out in faculty", he mentioned. In other countries, like Australia, the government has given schools the liberty to decide if they want to include climate change education in their curriculum or not.

Until recently, Fioramonti's anti-establishment party, Five Star Movement, was in government with the nationalist Lega Nord party, led by the outspoken Matteo Salvini.

He drew criticism in September this year for encouraging students to miss class and attend the Fridays for Future climate protests.

Fioramonti, from the rebellious 5-Star Movement, is the administration's most vocal supporter of green approaches and was scrutinized by the restriction in September for urging understudies to play hooky and partake in atmosphere fights.

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His proposals for new taxes on airline tickets, plastic and sugary foods to raise funds for education were strongly attacked by critics who said Italians were already over-taxed.

His opponents in Italy have roundly rejected these ideas.

Fioramonti's vision for an environmentally sustainable curriculum comes at a time when young people such as Greta Thunberg and students in groups like Extinction Rebellion are leading the political charge in taking climate change more seriously.

For Fioramonti, climate change is just one of Italy's existential threats.

The Zero Carbon bill aims to make New Zealand one of the first countries to legislate the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions to the point the country becomes mostly carbon neutral by 2050. "We have to build a different narrative and not be afraid of saying something Salvini may not like, because that's why we exist".

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