Juul halts sales of mint-flavored e-cigarettes, its most popular product

Juul pulls mint flavor from shelves amid vaping health crisis

Juul pulls mint flavor from shelves amid vaping health crisis

E-cigarette giant Juul has voluntarily suspended sales of flavored products but other vaping businesses are fighting to keep their flavor pods on the market; Jonathan Serrie reports from Atlanta.

After halting mint sales, Juul will only sell menthol and tobacco flavors. However, the company declined to comment on why it plans to continue selling menthol-flavored vapes when Bloomberg pointed out that the same study found both mint and menthol flavors were popular among youth.

"In light of the studies released this week relating to the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey and Monitoring the Future survey, JUUL Labs' CEO K.C. Crosthwaite announced that the company will immediately stop accepting orders from our retail partners for our Mint JUULpods in the US and cease the sale of Mint JUULpods in the USA through our ecommerce site", the company said in a Thursday statement.

Juul says it made the decision based on a study that came out this week that found mint-flavored vapes are popular among middle and high school students in the US. As of this article, the company only sells three flavors: Classic tobacco, Virginia tobacco and menthol.

In September, President Trump said his administration would look to ban all non-tobacco flavored e-cigarette products.

On Thursday health officials reported 2,051 confirmed and probable cases of a mysterious respiratory illness tied to vaping and a further two deaths, taking the death toll to 39. Those flavors accounted for less than 10% of its sales. Federal health officials are expected to soon release plans for removing most vaping flavours from the market.

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A government report surveying almost 20,000 young people found Juul is the preferred brand for 60 percent of high school e-cigarette users, according to ABC News.

Mint and menthol have often been treated interchangeably by vaping researchers. On October 17, the company announced that it would stop selling its fruit and dessert-flavored pods, putting an end to the mango, crème, fruit and cucumber flavors.

Juul is the best-selling e-cigarette brand in the USA, but has been besieged by legal troubles, including multiple investigations by Congress, federal agencies and several state attorneys general.

E-cigarettes typically heat a solution that contains nicotine, which makes cigarettes and e-cigarettes addictive.

Chief Executive Officer K.C. Crosthwaite said Juul will immediately stop accepting orders for mint liquid-nicotine pods from retailers, and also will stop selling the products online.

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