Tearful Jewish caller says she's scared of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister

Chief Rabbi Goldstein

Chief Rabbi Goldstein

Nonetheless, Luciana Berger, a former Labour MP who exited it over anti-Semitism and is now a Liberal Democrat candidate, struck back saying the response is "sickening on many levels".

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said Sunday that British Jews have nothing to fear if his party wins the upcoming election, amid reports that many members of the Jewish community would consider leaving the country should this happen.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, she previously wrote of Israel: 'To me the Israeli state is like an abused child who becomes an abusive adult.

'Kate Ramsden stood down as a candidate and is therefore not a Labour candidate in the election.

The Scottish Labour Party's ruling body has chose to reconsider Ms. Ramsden's eligibility for election.

A party source told the Chronicle: 'We took immediate action to have Kate Ramsden's candidacy reconsidered in light of the material that we found.

Prior to her resignation, Ramsden was called by the party for an inquiry, which - at the end - as noted, the party member announced her resignation from running for election in the upcoming United Kingdom general election on December 12.

Iran downs 'foreign' drone over southern port city of Mahshahr
Iranian media earlier reported that the army had shot down a drone over Mahshahr, without providing further details. After Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards took down the advanced U.S.

A Labour candidate has reportedly stop following the emergence of a weblog publish likening Israel to an adolescent abuser.

"Staff immediately alerted Scottish Labour, who informed the Scottish Executive Committee, which chose to re-interview Kate Ramsden about the new posts that had been found". Ms Ramsden works for Aberdeenshire Council.

"That was never my intention and I apologise unreservedly".

Frances Hoole was earlier voted as a candidate for a Labour Party candidate in southwestern Edinburgh.

Ms Hoole, who was running against SNP incumbent Joanna Cherry, posted a meme with the slogan "bang and the Terf is gone".

Frances Hoole has apologized.

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