Elizabeth Warren shares tearful moment with queer teen when asked about acceptance

Former vice president Joe Biden has been ribbed for naming his bus tour across early-voting Iowa

Former vice president Joe Biden has been ribbed for naming his bus tour across early-voting Iowa"No Malarkey

And maybe this is because I just saw Won't You Be My Neighbor-the film inspired by the famous Esquire piece on Mr. Rogers-and that stirred up A LOT of feelings in me about the ways that children and parents can disappoint and hurt each other (and has a moment with a hug and a consoling whisper just like Warren's video), but this video feels both timely and universal.

Biden also reacted to Senator Elizabeth Warren's strong showing at a Chicago campaign stop.

Pollster Cornell Belcher, who worked on former President Barack Obama's SC research team, told the Times that Biden's support among black voters is close to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's support with the community in 2008, and none of his rivals for the nomination have come close to matching Obama's outreach to black voters.

ABC News reports Raelyn is "a member of the LGBTQ community", and "told ABC News that conversations with family around Thanksgiving time gave rise to the idea". "But I also knew it was the right thing to do". "And maybe they will and maybe they won't, but the truth is, you gotta take care of yourself first", Warren told Raelyn.

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Biden went on to say that as Obama's vice presidential pick, he provided crucial relationships with the base of the Democratic Party, including with African Americans. As the pair embraced, Warren told her: "We've got it".

Reuters adds: "A spokesman for Buttigieg's campaign declined to comment but pointed to statements by Buttigieg about "Medicare for all who want it" that pre-date Biden's current presidential campaign".

She did point out after that she would vote for whoever gets the Democratic nomination, which led her co-hosts to joke she would vote for Chuck E. Cheese if he were running against President Donald Trump in 2020. Bernie Sanders, the progressive candidate from Vermont. I knew how she felt about it. "I think she actually genuinely cares about what she's saying", Raelyn said, standing a few feet from Warren after getting her turn in the signature "selfie line".

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