Gmail Can Now Send Emails as Attachments

Gmail will let you attach emails to emails

Gmail will let you attach emails to emails

You can attach as many emails as you want.

So that means when you need to forward multiple different emails, you can simply attach them to a single email instead of having to manually forward them separately.

Typically, if you want to share an email you've received with someone else the easiest way to do so is to forward the email. When your account is graced with email attaching, you'll be able to drag and drop existing emails into a new message to attach them, or right click one or more emails before selecting the "Forward as attachment" option.

Google decided to make it easier to send emails to other people using Gmail, so it's now possible to add one or more emails as an attachment. Launched in 2004, Gmail boasts of more than 1.5 Billion users as of past year, showing off how many users rely on it for their daily emailing needs.

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The new feature revealed by Google today will be available to all Gmail users, not just Gsuite members. This helps keep the recipient's email cleaner and better organized. There's no need to create a brand new thread if you're replying to an email, as well.

To attach emails to an email, you can drag and drop them into the draft window, or select the emails and then from the overflow (three-dot) menu select "Forward as attachment".

There's no limit on how many emails you can add as an attachment and each one gets converted into a.eml file (Email Message file).

Starting on December 9, Google began rolling out a new way to attach email messages, which is more streamlined and takes the hassle out of attaching multiple messages.

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