Hong Kong police clears out of Polytechnic University ending stand-off

HONG KONG Thousands of activists hold American flags on Thursday night at a Thanksgiving Day rally to thank the US for passing the bills.—Reuters

HONG KONG Thousands of activists hold American flags on Thursday night at a Thanksgiving Day rally to thank the US for passing the bills.—Reuters

"I do not have a home in the United States, nor a bank account or a kid attending a school there, therefore the act has nothing to do with me", he said, warning that many American cities including NY and Los Angeles who ran exchange programs with the force would lose opportunities to compare notes on taming riots if they chose to sever ties.

The statement also noted that newly appointed Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne addressed Hong Kong protests with his Chinese counterpart at a G20 meeting in Japan last week.

The new USA laws include mandated sanctions on officials who carry out human rights abuses.

Senator Jim Risch, an Idaho Republican and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the bills were "an important step forward in holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its erosion of Hong Kong's autonomy and its repression of fundamental human rights". "Participation in a broad and inclusive dialogue, involving all major stakeholders, is essential".

"Fundamental freedoms, including the right to peaceful assembly, and Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy, based on the principle of" one country, two systems "are enshrined in the Basic Law and worldwide treaties and must continue to be upheld".

Tang, seen as a hardliner who succeeded Stephen Lo this month to lead the city's 40,000-strong law enforcement team to tackle mob violence and restore order, told reporters at police headquarters on Thursday that a massive dragnet was closing in on hardcore radicals after six months of unrest.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed legislation that authorised sanctions on officials deemed responsible for human rights violations in Hong Kong.

A few hundred protesters, some carrying Union Jack flags, gathered at the British consulate on Friday urging London to extend citizenship to Hong Kong residents born before the 1997 handover to China and classified as overseas British nationals. "They are being adopted in the hope that leaders and representatives of China and Hong Kong can resolve their differences amicably, leading to long-term peace and prosperity for all".

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Hundreds of people chanted pro-democracy slogans at lunchtime rallies around Hong Kong on Friday.

While last week's vote unfolded peacefully, there are concerns in the financial hub that leader Carrie Lam's failure to make any concessions to demonstrators in its wake could fuel more anger.

The bill, which comes amid negotiations with China to end the year-long trade war, enjoyed overwhelming support in Congress; the House passed it by a vote of 417 to 1 on November 20.

"If somebody here really tries to ... have this kind of law like that in the United States, it's very unsafe", said Chinese envoy Cong Peiwu, speaking in English.

"If anything happens like this it will certainly have very bad damage on our bilateral relationship and that is not in the interests of Canada".

Chang said in an email that anything Beijing can do "will hurt itself more than us, and given how close its economy is to the edge of the cliff the regime could end up doing itself in by retaliating".

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng told US Ambassador Terry Branstad that Beijing sees the move as "serious interference in China's internal affairs and a serious violation of global law", a ministry statement said.

Le called it a "nakedly hegemonic act". He urged the USA not to implement the bills to prevent greater damage to U.S.

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