PM urges Trump to keep out of election

Boris Johnson To Trump: Stay Out Of Our Elections

Boris Johnson To Trump: Stay Out Of Our Elections

Trump went into the polls in October when he said Labor Party opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was "so bad" for Britain and Johnson should agree on a pact with Brexit leader Nigel Farage. "The last thing we should have done is roll out the red carpet for a state visit". And men say terrible things sometimes.

After former Hillary Clinton press secretary Jesse Ferguson tweeted the Lincoln/Trump poll nugget, the term "53% of Republicans" began to confound social media users on Friday night.

However, when asked whether the lack of a meeting with the Prime Minister was related to Mr Johnson's urge for the President to steer clear of United Kingdom politics, the senior U.S. official said "that's something we're still working on".

Amid consternation from the studio audience and also other leaders Mr Farage was subsequently disrupted by Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson that said:"Is that everything you really do on a particular date after a beverage?"

During a particularly heated exchange on the ITV Leaders' Debate Mr Farage was challenged on whether the USA president's language was acceptable.

"You are so anti-American you are prepared to put your hatred of Trump above our national interest".

Among Republican respondents to a recent poll, Donald Trump is considered the best GOP president in a comparision with Abraham Lincoln.

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Johnson, who is co-hosting the event, now has no one-to-one meeting scheduled with Trump - and indicated he would not appreciate any interventions.

He added that Donald Trump "dominates the news cycle", which is another reason he said he believes Trump has the advantage.

Donald Trump arrives in town this week - and a White House official has said he is looking forward to meeting Boris Johnson.

UK-US relations recently have been strained, notably by different approaches to Iran's nuclear programme, climate change and China.

He also rejected accusations that Mr Johnson was guilty of fostering homophobia, after referring to gay men as "bum boys in tank tops". "That is not something to turn your nose up at", he said.

The prime minister had been absent from the seven-way competition hosted by ITV on Sunday day, sending ministry Rishi Sunak in his place as an alternative to defend the government's record on issues such as Brexit, the NHS, and austerity.

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