Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 raises $3.1 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation

Speedrunners concentrating on their timed runs

Speedrunners concentrating on their timed runs

This year's event was able to surpass the epic milestone near the beginning of Super Metroid Impossible, the final run of the week. Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 will follow that on January 3rd through January 10th.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 was raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, an organization that aims to "stop cancer before it starts" through research, education, outreach, and advocacy. AGDQ 2020 also set a record for most unique donations, with over 54,000 total donations hailing from over 80 different countries.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 - the flagship event for GDQ - ended yesterday with a grand total of $3,135,900.56 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

As always, a plethora of Speedrunners attended en-masse to show off their skills and attempt to beat records on their favourite games.

Shane Warne still loves his baggy green
The Australian cricket legend's famous cap sold for an extraordinary $1,007,500 on Friday to raise money for bushfire relief. The T20 match will be held on February 8th, but the venue has not yet been confirmed.

All the great stuff done during the event can be relived at both the group's official Twitch channel, as well as on YouTube. In the end, AGDQ 2020 raised nearly $100,000 more than SGDQ 2019, so we could very well see this new record broken once SGDQ 2020 rolls around in June.

If you want to catch up on the best runs, there's a complete collection of VODs from this year's event.

Up next for Games Done Quick, it's a six-month recovery window before Summer Games Done Quick comes to Bloomington, MN.

The next stream, Summer Games Done Quick 2020, will be held this June 21-28. Because like they do every year, the GDQ team waited to announce how much money was going to be put into the pool by the event's sponsors, bits, subscriptions and other revenue made throughout the week.

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