Being wealthy adds nine years to life expectancy

Rich people live healthy lives nearly a decade longer than poor people according to a new study

Rich people live healthy lives nearly a decade longer than poor people according to a new study

The study's goal was to better understand how socioeconomic factors affect a one's person's quality of life as they age. In both countries, the participants were placed into groups based on total household wealth, and the health of those groups was measured.

Researchers found that wealth was the biggest socioeconomic factor in predicting when these challenges presented themselves.

In England, men aged 50 can expect to live an average of 31.3 more years, with 26.9 disability-free years, whereas women can expect to live 34.8 more years and have 28.5 disability-free years. In the group of the poor the figure was only 22-23 years. The disparity for wealthy women was similar.

Dr. Paola Zaninotto, lead author of the UCL report, said: "While life expectancy is a useful indicator of health, quality of life in old age is also critical".

The Contribution to Be Rich "can add nine healthy years to your life" first appeared in The London Economic.

Echoing the study's conclusion, Zaninotto said that "our results suggest that policymakers in both England and the USA must make greater efforts into reducing health inequalities".

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"Other possible explanations for greater health inequalities in the United States compared to England might relate to a more generous welfare state system in England compared to the United States, including unemployment compensation, sick pay, housing policies, and social retirement benefits", explains the study. The U.K., meanwhile, established its National Health Service (NHS) in 1948. Whereas, in the USA, health care is largely privatized, with the exception of Medicare (which only seniors qualify for) and Medicaid (which only the severely indigent qualify for).

"By measuring healthy life expectancy, we can estimate the number of years we have spent in good health or without a disability".

To help combat this problem, Zaninotto concluded, "In both countries, efforts in reducing health inequalities should target people from disadvantaged socioeconomic groups".

"A record 25% of Americans say they or a family member put off treatment for a serious medical condition in the past year because of the cost, up from 19% a year ago and the highest in Gallup's trend", Gallup said in a press release. Previous research also has shown that Americans are worse off in terms of health compared to the British.

People who ate a good diet, exercised, were a healthy body weight, did not smoke and did not drink too much, lived free of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer for far longer.

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