Emergency hospital admissions for people with dementia up 35%

Soaring numbers of dementia patients admitted to hospital as emergencies, then stuck there for months

Soaring numbers of dementia patients admitted to hospital as emergencies, then stuck there for months

The figures also suggested the overall number of emergency admissions among people with dementia is rising - with some patients yo-yoing back and forth.

Mrs Evans, 45, said: 'The ward was full of people with dementia who needed to be in a home where they could live properly, it was heartbreaking.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: 'We know that hospital visits can be distressing for people with dementia which is why there should be high-quality care in the community'.

Dorothy Boschi had to be admitted to hospital three times during her previous year of life after having falls and contracting infections.

Sally Copley, of the Alzheimer's Society, said: 'Families across Britain have been privately struggling to care for their loved ones with dementia, left to pick up the pieces of a social care system that's coming apart at the seams.

The charity says it hears every day, through its Fix Dementia Care campaign, about the human cost of the underfunded social care system - from an 82-year-old rushed to hospital in a critical condition, barely conscious and hallucinating because carers failed to notice or treat an infection, to a woman whose husband spent two thirds of a year in hospital due to multiple infections and falls, unable to return home because they were provided with no care assessment or care support.

Her daughter Daphne Havercroft, 63 from South Gloucestershire, said: "I had to fight so hard to get her released so she didn't spend her last Christmas in hospital".

She died in January a year ago, aged 97.

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Daphne said the situation led to her mother becoming "angrier, depressed and more frustrated" in her final months.

"Everything was a battle to get proper care".

What has the charity found?

Today, data shows that there are 379,000 such admissions or a 35% increase compared to the years 2012 and 2013.

Increase in dementia admissions in Fenland and East Cambs.

This represents just a small fraction of the six million emergency admissions that year - although that is likely to be an underestimate as the condition is not always recorded on hospital systems. They are spending more days at the hospital scared and confused longer than they are supposed to.

The chief executive of Alzheimer's Society, Jeremy Hughes, revealed that dementia patients today are usually dumped in hospitals and left there for a long time. A lot of patients are admitted simply because there is no social care that will allow them to stay safe at home.

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