Flu leaves 4-one year-old fashioned Iowa lady blind

Iowa girl 4 left blind after weeks-long battle with the flu

Iowa girl 4 left blind after weeks-long battle with the flu

However, the vaccine changes each flu season. He went into septic shock, but was initially doing better before the virus attacked his heart, causing him to go into cardiac arrest.

A December survey found 37 percent of Americans said they did not plan on getting a flu shot during flu season.

A 4-year-old Iowa girl has reportedly gone blind after almost losing her life this flu season-and her parents are sharing her scary story to raise awareness of the importance of getting a yearly flu shot. Her mother assumed it was merely "a bit bug - she'll recover from it", Phillips informed CNN, including, "There wasn't any signal that may've advised me that one thing was severely fallacious along with her". "She was running around, having fun, eating normally, asking for snacks". Her mother and father didn't assume a lot of it, because the little one's signs would enhance with over-the-counter medication.

However, on the morning of Christmas Eve, Jade's condition took a drastic turn for the worse - she was found unresponsive. "I didn't think I was going to see her again at that point", Phillips admitted.

Jade's fever reportedly spiked before it was treated with medicine her parents bought. "... If I can stop one child from getting sick, that's what I want to do".

Czech, a pediatric neurologist, recognized Jade with acute necrotizing encephalopathy, or ANE, a kind of encephalopathy often attributable to a viral an infection.

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"She's obtained her eyes open". Encephalopathy, a broad term used for brain disease or brain damage, can be a complication of the flu, according to the CDC.

Jade had contracted a strain of the flu called influenza B. It's spreading quickly across the country, which is unusual for this time of year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Phillips said she hopes her daughter's story reaches other parents.

Doctors prescribed steroids to calm the swelling in Jade's brain and by the next day, the little girl woke up, CNN reports. In about three to 6 months from now we'll know. Jade, who later suffered a seizure, was flown to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital, according to a GoFundMe page created in the girl's name.

The situation took a turn on December 24 when Jade's father, Stephen DeLucia, went to wake her up. "No matter restoration she has at six months, that's seemingly all she's going to get".

DeLucia was hospitalized for greater than two weeks, throughout which period she developed encephalopathy and misplaced her vision, based on NBC. Flu vaccines will be available in late summer, and the CDC recommends ordering a vaccine by the end of October to protect yourself from the flu in the coming winter. To date, 32 children in the United States have died from the flu this season, 21 from the influenza B strain of the virus. But, she adds, she didn't know she was supposed to vaccinate her daughter again at the start of the new flu season.

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