Both Sanders and Buttigieg demand recounting in Iowa

Iowa winners, Sanders and Buttigieg, come under attack in Democratic debate

Iowa winners, Sanders and Buttigieg, come under attack in Democratic debate

Last week's Iowa caucuses were plagued with problems including a glitchy mobile app used for the first time to report results.

The battle for momentum in New Hampshire, for at least one night, came down to how expressive fans in the cheap seats could be. Buttigieg received 26.2 percent of the viable votes while Sanders received 26.1 percent.

An Iowa Democratic Party sign fell to the floor as the party chairman tried to account for a disastrous caucus plagued by tech failures and bad math, creating what many netizens dubbed a ideal allegory for the botched primary.

The Associated Press has not called a victor in the contest, but Buttigieg and Sanders were leading, and both have taken on strength in recent days. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen.

Perez has been pushing states to move away from the complicated caucus system toward more straightforward primary contests, and for state parties to cede control to state election officials.

The increased attacks on Buttigieg also follow a new New Hampshire poll that show him in winning in the first primary election state as well.

"Billionaires by the dozen are contributing to Pete Buttigieg's campaign", Sanders said. A contested convention is now the most likely outcome of this primary.

At the convention, a candidate will be nominated when a simple majority of 1,991 out of 3,979 total pledged delegates support a given candidate.

"She's real. She's not gonna sell you a bag of goods she's not gonna deliver".

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On the morning of the Iowa Caucuses, I noted that the race for the Democratic nomination stood nearly exactly where it had at the beginning. Today we knocked over 150,000 doors - that's more than 227 a minute or 4 per second!

"Now, at this moment in time, the lead is changing place between Biden and Sanders", he added.

Buttigieg put his entire campaign on the line in Iowa and his investment ultimately paid off.

After the debacle in Iowa, many people have questioned whether a caucus is the right way to go. Buttigieg had the most number of field offices in Iowa, but his impressive infrastructure seems to be entirely in Iowa.

"The vice president's decision to run this ad speaks more to where he now stands in this race than it does about Pete's perspective as a mayor and veteran", said Chris Meagher, Buttigieg's campaign spokesman.

Trump's chances of being reelected have never been higher following a week of win-after-win for the incumbent President. In an email sent to SCC members, Price cited legal analysis by IDP attorney Shayla McCormally which says the caucus math worksheets constitute a "legal voting record of the caucus" similar to a ballot in a primary election.

'In order to win, George, you're going to have to win states like Pennsylvania, you're going to have to be able to win Florida.

"I am the candidate that is prepared to defeat Donald Trump", he said.

Despite the Iowa setback, Biden sought to cast himself as best-placed to mount a centrist challenge to the Republican Trump, who this week survived an impeachment trial that did little to dent his electoral support. If the Democrats hope to beat him they'll have to do it with one of their biggest turnouts since 2008. "I think that makes people really wary going into the next few rounds [of the election], like if these parts are going to be a mess like the other".

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