Local Communist Party chiefs fired in coronavirus outbreak epicenter

China's Hubei province reports surge in daily coronavirus deaths jump in new cases

China's Hubei province reports surge in daily coronavirus deaths jump in new cases

With such a large number of Covid-19 infections reported in a single day, the total number of cases reported from around the world has surged to 60,063. Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the ruling Politburo Standing Committee in Beijing on Wednesday to tout the "positive results" of the government's drastic measures to contain the virus.

242 new deaths were reported in Hubei province the epicenter of the outbreak.

Local authorities in Hubei and Wuhan had already faced rare, uncensored criticism online for initially downplaying the magnitude of the outbreak.

"Our greatest fear remains the damage this coronavirus could do in a country like DRC", he said, referring to the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has been struggling with outbreaks of Ebola and measles. The prospect of forced isolation may be deterring some people with respiratory illnesses from presenting themselves at health facilities to seek health care, some experts say, making the dimensions of the epidemic even less clear.

CCTV said 11 military aircraft including 6 Y-20 carried about the personnel and materials to Wuhan on Thursday. Those figures include the ones reported earlier by Hubei province under its new diagnosis methodology.

The commission noted that it had begun including cases diagnosed through new clinical methods from Thursday.

Airlines say part of the reason is a dramatic drop-off in demand, but the U.S. has also introduced strict restrictions on travellers to the United States who have visited China, barring almost all non-US residents if they have been in China within the previous14 days.

The outbreak has wreaked havoc on global events, too.

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Maham Ali Khan, 25, a medical student of Yangtze University in Jingzhou, Hubei province, is unable to return to Pakistan after the coronavirus outbreak in China February 8, 2020.

Several countries have banned arrivals from China, while major airlines have halted flights to and from the country, as hundreds of people have now been infected in some two-dozen countries.

The biggest cluster of cases outside of China was aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined off the Japanese port of Yokohama with about 3700 people aboard.

Case numbers in mainland China rise by 15,152, for a total of 59,805. "Categorizing them as confirmed cases will lead to quarantine and hospitalization, which would be good for both the patients and the public", said Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday announced an official name for the novel coronavirus: COVID-19.

The WHO has been able to track down the source of transmission in all but eight of the 441 cases of the virus outside China, its head of emergencies Michael Ryan said.

The Mobile World Congress, an annual telecoms industry gathering that draws more than 100,000 visitors to Barcelona, was cancelled on Wednesday after a mass exodus by exhibitors due to coronavirus-related concerns.

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