Mice fighting on London Underground wins wildlife photo of the year

Subway Mouse Fight Wins People's Choice for Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Subway Mouse Fight Wins People's Choice for Wildlife Photographer of the Year

An image of two mice fighting on a London Underground station platform has won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice Award.

The entry pool included amateur and professional photographers from around the world, capturing striking images of polar bears, jaguars, frogs and more.

Wildlife photographer and filmmaker Sam Rowley snapped the rare photo, called "Station Squabble", that earned him top honors, while spending a week of nightly stakeouts across multiple train platforms. Sam Rowley has said that his picture shows people unexpected drama in familiar urban environment, reports PetaPixel.

The title is very popular among a large section of nature enthusiasts who get an opportunity to choose the best image among thousands of pictures that failed to win the popular Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award of the museum despite being fabulous.

The overall competition was won a year ago by Yongqing Bao, who snapped the startled, tragicomic final moments of a marmot cornered by a fox in China's Qilian Mountains.

Rowley's winning image will be on display at the Natural History Museum in London until May.

In the many bustling cities across the globe, humans dominate the environment while wildlife keeps out of their way but scavenge for their scraps. "The mice's behaviour is sculpted by our daily routine, the transport we use and the food we discard", museum director Sir Michael Dixon said in the statement.

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"Losing the fight" by United Kingdom photographer Aaron Gekoski offers a heartbreaking look at how orangutans are exploited for entertainment at Bangkok's Safari World.

Rowley said, "not everyone is lucky enough to see wildlife in the more remote, unspoilt regions of the world".

The surrogate mother by Martin Buzora, Canada - Elias Mugambi is a ranger at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya. He often spends weeks away from his family caring for orphaned black rhinos like Kitui here. Many young rhinos have arrived at the sanctuary as a result of poaching.

"Michel was in the Pantanal, Brazil photographing jaguars".

Now in its 55th year, it's the largest wildlife photography competition in the world.

Spanish photographer Francis De Andres captured this stunning shot of white arctic reindeer in the snow.

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