Record-Breaking Astronaut Christina Koch Returns to Earth

ISS Astronaut Christina Koch Is Back On Earth Having Spent 328 Days in Space

ISS Astronaut Christina Koch Is Back On Earth Having Spent 328 Days in Space

Nearly a yr after she arrived on the Worldwide House Station, Christina Koch, 41, is again on terra firma. That's the variety of consecutive days that she spent in area, the longest ever for a lady.

Koch smiled and gave a thumbs up as a support team helped her out of the capsule and placed her on a chair next to her crew members for a quick follow-up.

Before departing the space station, Koch said, although she was ready to return to Earth, she would miss these spectacular views, spending time with her crew, and some fun you can only have in space.

Her mission saw her orbiting the planet 5,248 times and racking up a mileage that could have taken her to the Moon and back 291 times.

"I am so overwhelmed and happy right now", said Koch, who blasted off on 14 March a year ago.

The spacewalk was initially postponed because the space station did not have two suits of the right size, leading to allegations of sexism.

Other achievements of Christina Koch include her involvement with the first all-female spacewalk alongside Jessica Meir, who has made a trip tasked to venture to the external of the ISS to reboot and fix a certain power controller which was a big step for humanity.

NASA Astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch carried out the first all-female spacewalk on October 18. She turned 41 on January 29 and celebrated by playing Scrabble with crewmates.

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Having spent 367 days in Space, Parmitano is taking home the title of ESA's longest-duration single spaceflight astronaut of all time.

US astronaut Christina Koch has returned to Earth after 328 days in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Koch was shown seated and smiling broadly after being extracted from the Soyuz descent module in the Roscosmos space agency's video footage from the landing site.

Koch returned to Earth with Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov. All three were said to be in good spirits after the landing.

Unlike Koch, whose stay aboard the ISS was extended, Parmitano and Skvortsov are rounding off regular six-month missions. The previous longest single spaceflight by any woman was 289 days by Peggy Whitson, also an American, who set that record in 2017.

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Koch was a simple gal who was born in MI but was then raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Koch lived in Montana with her husband, Robert, and wasselected by NASA to become an astronaut in 2013.

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