United Kingdom: 1st coronavirus case in London, China numbers skyrocket with ‘new category’

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption Coronavirus in the UK Five things you need to know about Covid-19

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Coronavirus in the UK Five things you need to know about Covid-19

As being reported, the patient is a Chinese national who flew into London and is being treated at a specialist NHS center at Guy's and St Thomas' in the capital.

There are now concerns the city's status as a transport hub could exacerbate the spread of the virus, however doctors have said the risk of infection for residents in the capital remains low.

Dr Robin Thompson, of the University of Oxford, said: 'In general, if an initial case is in a densely populated area, then the risk of sustained person-to-person transmission following is higher.

The U.K.'s most recent patient contracted the virus while in China and Professor Paul Cosford, director for Health Protection and medical director for Public Health England, told BBC they expect more cases involving global travelers.

"If confirmed, it is not surprising that London has seen its first case of the coronavirus".

Dr Thompson said the risk of the virus spreading depends on her interactions prior to being placed in isolation.

"The key factor here is the number of contacts that this infected individual has had prior to being isolated", he said.

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Likewise, those who are sick should avoid going to school or work. "Avoid people as much as you can". The Bureau for Public Health confirmed the death in a statement Tuesday.

"If this is low, then the risk of sustained human-to-human transmission is also low", he explained.

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Earlier this week a British coronavirus "super spreader", who may have infected almost a dozen other people, was released from a London hospital after recovering from the deadly virus he picked up while in Singapore.

Experts previously warned that highly contagious coronavirus carriers known as "super spreaders" could make the new outbreak more unpredictable and tougher to contain.

It's believed the number of people infected has risen to about 45,000 across the globe, with the vast majority of cases in mainland China, CNN reported.

Earlier, Professor Neil Ferguson, from the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College, London, told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme the world was "in the early phases of a global pandemic at the moment" and the true number of United Kingdom cases is higher than eight.

Officials know the pair worked at a nursing home, the A&E unit at Worthing Hospital in West Sussex, and two GP practices between them.

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