What they're saying: Judge blesses T-Mobile-Sprint deal

Judge expected to rule in favor of T-Mobile-Sprint merger, paving way for historic wireless combination

Judge expected to rule in favor of T-Mobile-Sprint merger, paving way for historic wireless combination

A judge is set to allow T-Mobile's purchase of Sprint to proceed, ruling against a suit by a coalition of state attorneys general, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

It's a big step that leaves us with one combined carrier ready to take on Verizon and AT&T - and a lot of questions about what happens next.

What is the current status of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger?

T-Mobile will soon be taking over Sprint's billing once the deal is closed, but Sprint's prepaid customers and those of Sprint-owned Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are being sold to Dish, the satellite company.

But a group of state attorneys general tried to block the deal, arguing that having one fewer phone company would cost Americans billions of dollars in higher bills. But on February 11 a US federal judge ruled in favor of letting the merger proceed.

New York Attorney General Letitia James in a statement raised the possibility of appealing the decision. The states suing T-Mobile and Sprint also claim the merger will lead to a loss of jobs.

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The CPUC Public Advocates Office, an independent entity within the CPUC charged with looking after the interests of state utility customers, has said, "The proposed merger lacks specific, measurable, and verifiable California benefits and would cause irreparable damage to competition in the wireless market and the low-income consumer market".

The $26 billion T-Mobile Sprint merger, which on Tuesday cleared one of the last hurdles for approval, includes several pledges to keep regulators happy - but the unification of two of the four largest phone service providers in the US leaves some question marks for consumers.

Sprint shares jumped 78%, T-Mobile rose 12% and Dish climbed 7% in trading Tuesday after the ruling came out. Now we're laser-focused on finishing the few open items that remain but our eye is on the prize: finally bringing this long-awaited merger and all the goodness it will deliver to a close as early as April 1, 2020.

But the T-Mobile-Sprint merger has all the regulatory approvals it needs, right?

"I'd be surprised in this case if consumers get anything out of it", said Cardozo law professor Sam Weinstein, a former Justice Department antitrust attorney.

George Slover, senior policy counsel for Consumer Reports, said Sprint was an established carrier with a track record of spurring competition, while Dish is an unproven newcomer that will have to build its mobile phone network and services from scratch. It's a legitimate concern, but "we think T-Mobile will have a very limited impact on cable's broadband business", they added.

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