Wonderful pictures from around the world as rare 'Snow Moon' becomes visible

February astronomical events to look for: Supermoon, Snow Moon, lunar occultation

February astronomical events to look for: Supermoon, Snow Moon, lunar occultation

The moon rises behind the ancient Acropolis hill with the 500 BC Parthenon temple in Athens, on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020.

This full moon shot was taken in Kamloops.

In the United Kingdom, the Snow Moon will rise at around 15:50 GMT on Saturday, February 8, and be visible throughout the night until 07:55 on Sunday, before rising again at 17:15. In addition, the moon will mark Magha Puja, a significant Buddhist festival, on February 9.

It's a common myth that a super moon affects human psychology.

Astronomers have actually forecasted that the sensation will certainly show up throughout the evening up until 07: 55 on Sunday, prior to increasing once more at 17: 15.

In Qatar, the moon will today rise at 5.36pm and set at 6.18am tomorrow, the statement informs.

Viewing conditions will depend on the weather in your area.

How to watch the first supermoon of 2020 live?

According to the Farmers' Almanac, northeastern Native American tribes referred to the second full moon of winter as the Snow Moon because of February's heavy snow. May's flower moon also may meet the looser definition.

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According to CNN, expert Fred Espenak says it does, but another, Richard Nolle, says that will happen on March 9.

How close does the moon's orbit have to be to gain the supermoon label?

In scientific terms, the farthest point in during the ellipse is known as apogee, while the closest point is known as perigee.

This full moon is the fourth largest moon of the year and a precursor for three consecutive supermoons.

Last year's February supermoon over London.

The moon signals the start of Tu BiShvat, or the "New Year of the Trees" in the Jewish tradition.

And it'll be officially full at 10.53am EST according to NASA's Skycal.

Regardless, it need to make a stunning website for those fortunate adequate to capture a peek with the clouds. If you're in South Africa, that will be at 9:33 SAST.

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