A huge 'snow moon' is rising over London this weekend

Photos capture Snow Moon rising over B.C.

Photos capture Snow Moon rising over B.C.

Why is it called a snow moon?

And for keen stargazers, there is more to be seen besides the Moon this weekend.

At this time of the year the full moon has traditionally been referred to as the Full Snow Moon or the Full Hunger Moon.

A supermoon occurs when the full moon nearly coincides with the perigee, the closest the Moon reaches Earth in its elliptical orbit. The so-called snow moon will reach its fullest phase at 2:33 a.m.

The second full moon of winter, also known as the Snow Moon, has been appearing starting on Friday evening and will last until Monday morning.

A plane passes the snow moon, seen from Richmond Park, London.

The year's first "supermoon" - when the full moon appears larger than normal - will be visible over Krakow this weekend if weather conditions remain relatively clear. It'll be at its most impressive around 7.30am, so no lie-in for you.

On February 19, the moon will be 221,734 miles from Earth.

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The Full Moon for February will occur on February 9, in the sign of Leo.

As the Full Moon takes 29.5 days to move to the next Full Moon, it spends approximately two and a half days in a sign.

Debate aside, there will be a full moon this weekend, and here are some details about its timing and its common nicknames.

If possible, the best time to view the full moon is when it is close to the horizon, due to an optical illusion that makes it appear bigger due to its relative size compared to buildings, trees and other objects in the foreground.

This means the planetary influences involve the Sun as the ruler for Leo and Jupiter as the ruler for Sagittarius. It generally occurs three or four times per year.

Essentially, February's Snow Moon gives you full licence to enjoy a full sense of freedom and indulge in your hedonistic impulses, in a bid to try to let go of your day-to-day stresses.

"On the evening of the Full Moon on February 9, as evening twilight ends, the brightest of the planets, Venus, will appear in the west-southwest at about 27 degrees above the horizon".

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