'BBC Dad' Returns To Offer Some Adorable Mayhem During This Chaotic Time

Gatecrashing kids return to delight BBC News viewers Television

Gatecrashing kids return to delight BBC News viewers Television

Kim joined Kelly on the air, but unsurprisingly, their children, Marion and James, couldn't sit still. He returned to BBC News Thursday, and of course, her adorable children couldn't help but interrupt her.

"Excited about being on telly", said interviewer David Eades.

The 2017 video has yet again brought some needed laughs to millions of people now forced to work from home.

The BBC has revisted the Korean expert who became a viral sensation three years ago when his kids interrupted a live cross.

"At first, it's very hard to stay in the house for a long time", Jung-a Kim begins, explaining the family takes occasional outings while keeping a safe distance from others.

Jung-a spoke about family life in Busan and how she's been taking the kids to the playground, making sure they're away from other people, as well as trying to go and see the flowers and trees.

"It's pretty unreal ... we certainly never had anything like this in our life before", Kelly informed BBC News at the time. "I think the social compliance here has been pretty high". You don't see the kind of thing you see in the United States with crowded beaches and people refusing to stay off the subways and things like that.

Not to be outdone, baby James soon rolled into view in his stroller, swiftly followed by Kelly's very stressed and very mortified wife, Kim Jung-a, who quickly took the kids out of the room. The South Koreans have actually reacted really well, which is why the curve has now flattened to just 100 a day.

To Increase Coronavirus Infection Of Imports, Local 2 Days Nil
According to the Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker, there are 471,518 confirmed cases across the world and 21,293 deaths recorded. The study said that based on their models, the total number of infections citywide on February 18 could have exceeded 125,000.

Professor Robert E Kelly was appearing on the news channel in 2017 from his home in South Korea when son James and daughter Marion barged in and stole the show in the background.

Flash onward to 2020's coronavirus pandemic, as well as several moms and dads possibly really feel a great deal like Kelly many thanks to an untidy combination of college closures, individuals functioning from residence as well as Zoom seminars.

Prof Kelly admitted he was mortified at the time but in hindsight he could see the amusing side.

'It was terribly cute.

"There he goes!" Kelly said.

He said the reaction on social media had been astonishing - and mostly positive - and he had been forced to switch off Twitter and Facebook alerts and put his phone on airplane mode.

He revealed that achieving worldwide fame because of his children had made them all closer as a family. We laugh about it. "We were very moved by them".

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