Biden: We've had enough debates, my focus is on coronavirus crisis

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed the state of America during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Asked whether he thinks there should be another debate, Biden said Wednesday he "hasn't thought about" it because he's been focused on the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis but ultimately came down against the idea.

"Well I hope that he's so strong that he's up way above that, because we need the help now", Biden responded.

Biden holds a significant delegate lead over rival Bernie Sanders, but Sanders has not signaled that he plans to withdraw.

Discount retailers, groceries, Amazon ramping up hiring amid coronavirus buying frenzy
In addition to Inland Empire stores, the company confirmed all if its IE fulfillment and distribution centers are hiring. The company is also implementing a new process to expedite hiring for key roles, such as cashiers and stockers.

The Democratic National Committee has not scheduled a debate, nor has it said that it would not sanction any new ones. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), but many of his supporters are anxious that his lack of public appearances over the coronavirus pandemic might hurt his campaign.

Biden, quite notably, became vice president of the United States under President Obama when he left the Senate in 2009. Not the science of Wall Street.

Biden is far ahead in the delegate count against Sen. His inactivity during the outbreak, after becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee earlier this month, led to such hashtags as #WhereIsJoe, pointing out his incapability of leading the country during such an ordeal were he to become president. He noted that when he laid out his coronavirus plan in a web streamed speech recently, it didn't get a lot of traction on cable networks but it did generate large viewership on web platforms.

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