Canada's Trudeau balks at potential troop deployment on US border

Downtown Calgary was mostly empty on Tuesday. Gavin Young  Postmedia

Downtown Calgary was mostly empty on Tuesday. Gavin Young Postmedia

She noted at a news conference that Washington had yet to make a decision, but added, "We do not believe at all that there would be a public health justification for (the US) to take this action".

Trudeau was also pushed on safety concerns for Quebec and Ontario.

"Canada and the United States have the longest unmilitarised border in the world and it is very much in both of our interests for it to remain that way", Trudeau said.

Ever since federal, municipal and provincial governments told Canadians they can't go to work to support themselves and their families because of COVID-19, the most pressing question has been what happens to individuals and families who have no money coming in as a result. He said global leaders are doing all they can to try and coordinate action to deal with the pandemic.

He said his administration has highlighted to the USA that the flow of people and trade "has benefited our two countries and our economies tremendously. I know that Canadians will be well represented by her".

Trudeau said on Thursday he's made Canada's position clear.

A Syrian refugee woman holds a bag of gloves, due to coronavirus spread, in al-Wazzani area in southern Lebanon, March 14, 2020. On Thursday, police said that "COVID-19 scams are spreading like the virus".

It is no secret, however, that President Donald Trump has always been seized with securing his country's southern border with Mexico, and has recently been talking about fortifying those efforts under the pretence of protecting Americans from the novel coronavirus.

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A bus carrying passengers from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship leaves a port in Yokohama, near Tokyo in February. The quokkas which are fluffy, fearless mammals around the size of a teddy-bear have thrived on the predator-free island.

"If we find out that you weren't truthful or that you had income you didn't declare, that will actually be swept up at the back end", Qualtrough said.

Canada will be participating in global efforts to fight COVID-19, Trudeau reiterated.

"Part of protecting Canadians is ensuring a good supply of food, of medical supplies, of necessary equipment across our border", Trudeau said. "But in Canada, we have, we do have troops along the border". "Our ability to minimize those resurgences will be linked to help and work with the countries in more dire situations". "They should be able to support countries all over the world".

The idea, the letter said, is to give state and local officials the information they need to decide whether to maintain, increase or relax their protective efforts.

"It means working together to develop a vaccine, identify treatments and increase testing", Trudeau said.

Unless this money gets quickly to those who need it, it will not keep the wolf from the door for those it is meant to help.

Wednesday morning, after the bill passed, Scheer released a statement highlighting oversight measures included in the final draft, including shortening the period during which the federal cabinet has special spending powers to keep the government moving and requiring regular reports on spending to House of Commons committees.

The head of the United States Border Patrol would coordinate operational use of the military but would not have command over troops.

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