De Blasio Predicts NYC Public Schools Won’t Reopen This School Year

De Blasio finally closed the city's public schools on March 15 after a growing chorus of parents and teachers called for the measure

De Blasio finally closed the city's public schools on March 15 after a growing chorus of parents and teachers called for the measure

The coronavirus outbreak in NY will get worse, with damage accelerated by shortages of key medical supplies, the city's mayor has said.

"That goal - and I wanted to use these words very, very specifically - the goal will be at least $1.3 billion and everyone who's listening knows that that's real money, that's a huge amount of money and that process has begun today", de Blasio said.

De Blasio also said he wants to release inmates who are over age 70 or who have any of the five preexisting health conditions that make them among the most vulnerable to coronavirus, but he does not have the authority to release everyone in that category.

"We're going to keep getting more kids laptops and the technology they need and the Wi-Fi connections".

De Blasio said the city so far has suffered 131 deaths from COVID-19. "It's moving so fast right now that I can't even say that anymore". Cuomo also ordered the city over the weekend to come up with a plan for enforcing restrictions on gathering in public places, which the mayor said he will do by the Monday deadline.

United States records first known child death from coronavirus
Unfortunately, it continues to spread, even as health and government officials urge people to stay inside of their homes. California has been one of the worst-hit USA states during the pandemic.

"If the president doesn't act, people will die who could have lived otherwise: senior citizens, folks who are members of families", the NY mayor stressed.

"We may get to the point in just days where we have to close the playgrounds for the duration of this crisis".

As of Tuesday afternoon, NY state accounted for almost 7 percent of global coronavirus cases, with at least 25,665 confirmed and 210 deaths. "The speed with which this disease is growing, human impact, the fact (is) that we could lose a life in minutes if there's not a ventilator, even with the new supplies we have received and will receive this week".

President Donald Trump noted on Twitter that 400 ventilators had been sent to New York City, and de Blasio said he appreciates that the president understands how crucial the equipment is.

"I can't see it", de Blasio remarked to PIX11 Morning News about schools reopening before the summer.

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