Here’s what’s in the new $2 trillion coronavirus aid bill

White House and US senators reach late night deal on massive coronavirus stimulus package after days of talks

White House and US senators reach late night deal on massive coronavirus stimulus package after days of talks

"I will leave it to others to compare the bipartisan Sunday bill to the final version we will pass today and determine whether the last few changes really required or merited three days of delay", McConnell said on the senate floor Wednesday. Trump's answer meandered for a long while, and included an unfortunate amount of whining and self-pity, before he eventually said, "I've learned, let's just see what happens because we have to save some of these great companies".

Trump indicated the checks would go out by April 6, according to Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer, but during the prior recession, it took about two months for those to go out.

Chuck Schumer, the democratic minority leader hailed the "bipartisan" deal that he said was necessary but said the legislation was "far from perfect".

Health care systems would receive $130 billion, including $127 billion for a Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund, according to the fact sheet.

The proposal also seeks $250 billion in expanded unemployment benefits: every unemployed worker would receive $600 every week for four months, on top of what states already provide to them as base salary compensation (the idea is that an extra $600 per week would give 100 percent of an average wage). Unemployment insurance is also being increased, while payments on federally-held student loans are being temporarily suspended. "We will provide one of the most generous packages ever to make sure these small businesses can keep their employees on payroll and make sure they don't have to close down their businesses". The treasury and lawmakers will have to disclose who receives these loans in real-time and an inspector general for pandemic recovery will be appointed to oversee the distribution of funds and other elements. As part of negotiations, Democrats fought to ensure oversight on how the money is used by big corporations and to forbid companies owned by members of Congress and top administration officials - including President Trump and his family - from receiving money from the programs. The package is intended as a weekslong or monthslong patch for an economy spiralling into recession or worse and a nation facing a grim toll from an infection that's killed almost 20,000 people worldwide.

Democrats pointed to gains for hospitals, additional oversight of the huge industry stabilization fund and money for cash-strapped states. Schumer is bragging Democrats stripped the legislation of the president's request to buy $3 billion of cheap oil to restock America's strategic reserves, calling this a bailout for Big Oil, though there's a decent chance the buy is included in future legislation.

A Senate vote on the deal could occur quickly, with the House potentially following soon after.

New Yorkers who leave should self-isolate for 14 days: White House
Florida earlier in the week announced it was requiring anyone entering the state from NY or New Jersey to enter a 14-day quarantine.

That would also require the unanimous consent of all House Republicans.

Tensions flared earlier in the week as the White House and Republican leadership fell short of their goal to have a bill on the president's desk by Monday.

The size of the stimulus package is unprecedented, dwarfing the approximately $800 billion Obama stimulus that passed five months after the 2008 financial crash.

Adding complexity to the situation is that five US senators are now quarantined and the US House of Representatives is now not in session.

Lawmakers universally expressed a sense of urgency as the nation's economy deteriorates and the health outlook grows more dire. "Then it becomes a question of health insurance".

$30 billion in emergency education funding and $25 billion in emergency transit funding.

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