Ingham County receives an "A" in social distancing

Chicago. Social distancing is strongly encouraged as a preventive measure against COVID-19 or the coronavirus

Chicago. Social distancing is strongly encouraged as a preventive measure against COVID-19 or the coronavirus

According to the scorecard, MI has received an "A" in social distancing and so has Ingham County. Yes, companies have your data.

As of 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, the firm reports Winneshiek County residents decreased by 55 percent their average distance traveled, which puts the county at #1 on the list.

The state got an A for citizen's efforts to stay home and keep away from people as much as possible as coronavirus sweeps through the state at a quickening pace, according to the Social Distancing Scoreboard by Unicast. The company found OR was the fifth worst with a grade of C. Rounding out the worst five states are New Mexico, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Unacast also found that the more coronavirus cases are confirmed in an area, the greater the decrease in the average distance traveled.

The US government is already discussing with technology-heavy monoliths like Facebook and Google to try and roll out a way to see if location data from these giants can be used to track and limit the spread of the illness. Jackson County received a D, while Josephine and Curry counties did a little better and received a C grade.

The scoreboard helps show which states and areas are actually doing their part with social distancing, and those that are not. The blueish states show the largest decrease in travel distance.

CVS hiring 50K people, paying bonuses
CVS Health said it is working with the Bright Horizons network of national in-home and center-based daycare providers. As Americans stay at home, they're ordering goods online and going to drug and grocery stores to stock up.

'We can start to see and learn what states are getting this right, ' CEO Thomas Walle told the Washington Post.

Social distancing - avoiding mass gatherings and maintaining approximately 6 feet from others - is considered one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

Working from home instead of at the office.

Canceling or postponing conferences and large meetings.

Currently, the Unacast Scoreboard is based on the overall reduction in the distance traveled per phone user.

This article contains reporting from the Patch national desk.

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