Last remaining female white giraffe killed by poachers, along with her calf

Poachers Slaughter Kenya's Only White Female Giraffe and Her Calf

Poachers Slaughter Kenya's Only White Female Giraffe and Her Calf

Daily Telegraph UK reports that the rare white giraffe is only found in Kenya and their deaths leave only one male white giraffe alive.

The mommy giraffe and also her calf bone were killed by poachers, they claimed. After the deaths, only one white giraffe remained in the area. "We are the only community in the world who are custodians of the white giraffe", Mr Ahmednoor said in a statement.

The Kenya Wildlife Service was called to the reserve to investigate after the said giraffes had gone missing. The caption reads, "SAD NEWS: @IshaqbiniHirola Community Conservancy, Garissa County loses two famous white giraffes to poachers".

Leucism differs from albinism, which is marked by the loss of all pigmentation and affects the color of the eyes, the National Park Service says.

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Unlike albino animals, those with leucism continue to produce darker pigments in their soft tissue. If the research being done on these would have been successful, then the number of these white giraffes would have increased, it would have also encouraged the tourism sector here but the hunters stopped it completely. When the mother and calf were discovered, the Hirola conservancy said it was aware of just two previous confirmed sightings, as The Washington Post reported at the time.

The white giraffe grabbed national and global headlines in 2017 after its discovery, with its unique white hide. The latest estimates from aerial surveys show that fewer than 16,000 of these animals still reside in Kenya making their conservation a matter of urgency. The trait caused the mother giraffe and her calfs to have dark eyes, rather than the red ones typically seen in instances of albinism.

As poachers target giraffes' meat and skin, the species' population as a whole has declined by 40% in the past 30 years.

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