'Let's spread the word, not the virus,' says Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen wants you to practice physical distancing (VIDEOS) | News

Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen wants you to practice physical distancing (VIDEOS) | News

Four-time Olympic hockey gold medalist Hayley Wickenheiser, who is in her final year of medical school also joined the call, telling Canadians to stay home.

Reynolds was quick to respond with his message.

Like Trudeau, Reynolds asked fellow Canadian celebs Seth Rogen and Steven Page to spread the word.

"Help spread the word with your own video", he wrote, "and tag your friends to remind them to stay home too".

In a video posted to his account, Ryan says, "We need to work to flatten the curve and fight off COVID-19".

Berkshire County Sees First COVID-19 Death
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health says a Berkshire County man is the first in the region to die of COVID-19. There are 15,219 cases in the United States, with 201 deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control.

I've always wondered what all of the "normal" celebrities think of all the OD ones. "They're the ones that are going to get us through this". In response to Ryan Reynold's video, Seth Rogen later dropped a Twitter video in which he joked that he was hiding out in his bunker with his stockpile of toilet paper and purell.

"We are gonna get through this thing".

Rather than taking to his Instagram to sing a song like Hugh Jackman or Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds recently uploaded a post to his Instagram poking fun at celebrity self-importance. While the sing-along was probably in good faith, many people on social media weren't thrilled about it, considering the fact many people are losing their jobs. We are going to get through this thing.

How is the virus effecting you, and are you handling social distancing well? "And to protect the health care workers who are working so hard to keep us all safe". He nominated Lilly Singh, Shawn Mendes, and Jay Baruchel.

Reynolds goes on to encourage people to wash their hands, practice social distancing, and help 'plank the curve'.

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