Samsung Galaxy users receive mystery 'Find My Mobile' notification, company apologizes

With the explanation, users have learned that this notification, which is nothing when they touch it, was sent as a result of an error. In a statement regarding the matter, OnePlus also said that they were implementing a new process to ensure such an incident didn't happen again.

Samsung isn't the first smartphone maker to send out notifications to a wide audience.

As The Verge reports, Galaxy phone owners around the world yesterday received a notification from Samsung's Find My Mobile service which consisted of the number one repeated twice on separate lines. "It scared the s** out of me, I thought someone got into my Samsung account and now knows where I live lol", one user says in the linked reddit thread. In order to perform these actions, the app has access to nearly all of the device permissions, which is why Samsung users have been freaking out after receiving the unusual notification.

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In a statement regarding the mishap, a Samsung Care Ambassador told a user on Twitter that, "this is some test on Samsung's end to assure services are working..."

The company, however, is yet to provide any official statement on this blunder.

Find My Mobile comes preloaded on all Samsung smartphones and allows users to locate, unlock, or wipe their phone remotely, and earlier today, owners of various Galaxy smartphones - everyone here at SamMobile included - were greeted with a notification that simply says "1" a couple of times and does nothing when tapped. This was sent unintentionally during an internal test and there is no effect on your device. "Samsung apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused to our customers and will work to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future".

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