USA lawmakers close to a $2 trillion stimulus bill

2T Coronavirus Stimulus Package Stalled Further As Senate Clashes Over Specifics

2T Coronavirus Stimulus Package Stalled Further As Senate Clashes Over Specifics

Multiple lawmakers said a final version of the bill was being drafted Tuesday.

"It has unemployment insurance on steroids". White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland said the timeline for a vote would be "as soon as possible".

"Some people have discussed loans, others have discussed grants".

"We expect to have an agreement tomorrow morning", he said. A Senate vote could come later in the day or on Wednesday. "I hope today is the day this body will get it done".

Republicans, Democrats and top Trump aides have negotiated for days over the package, which would be the third and by far largest to address the crisis if it is backed by the Senate and the Democratic-led House and signed by the Republican president. "Last night I thought we were on the 5-yard line. Right now we're on the 2", he said.

"We're looking forward to closing a bipartisan deal today".

Earlier Tuesday, Trump, who has been itching to scale back social distancing guidelines, wrote in a tweet, "Our people want to return to work". A point of contention has been $500 billion for guaranteed loans to larger industries.

Pelosi said the precise drafting of language is critical to finalizing a deal.

She noted that they did not, however, secure the funds they wanted for elections, but said it was not something that would derail the bill. Republicans say they agreed to that in response to Democratic demands. Pelosi added, "There is real optimism that we could get something done in the next few hours". Mr. Schumer said he was in touch with Mrs. Pelosi.

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The Senate failed on multiple occasions in recent days to advance a massive but controversial Republican-led proposal, and pressure has soared to swiftly reach a compromise that provides relief for hundreds of millions of Americans. "I'm very pleased with the progress we have made for workers", Mrs. Pelosi said.

Mrs. Pelosi noted that if they can't vote on the Senate bill with unanimous consent, they would consider other options - amending it on the House floor or passing their own bill.

To provide transparency, the package is expected to create a new inspector general and oversight board for the corporate dollars, much as was done during the TARP bank rescue, officials said.

Together with a desire to leave the Capitol, the fast spread of the virus across the country and the shuttering of much of the US economy has added urgency for lawmakers to reach a deal on the third piece of legislation responding to the outbreak. Senators worked through the weekend negotiating in marathon sessions even as a growing number of lawmakers have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Democrats had pushed for the legislation to include expanded unemployment benefits as the economy faces what could be a sharp slowdown in the coming months. "But - and most importantly - the federal government will pay your salary, your full salary, for now four months".

Trump, who is campaigning for re-election on November 3, has said he wants Americans to return to work more quickly by easing a public health clampdown meant to slow the virus' spread.

Democrats pointed to gains for hospitals, additional oversight of the huge industry stabilization fund, and money for cash-strapped states.

- Up to $130 billion for hospitals.

Natalie Andrews contributed to this article.

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