Apple set to preview updates for iPhones, Siri and more

Apple needs to play nice with Spotify		
	Lucas Matney

   	8 hours

Apple needs to play nice with Spotify Lucas Matney 8 hours

It's also hard to imagine that technology this advanced - which Apple's rivals still can not match - would make its way the cheapest iPhone so soon. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Deccan Chronicle and/or other staff and contributors to this website.

How will iPhone SE 2 be secured? If those updates are announced, I don't expect Apple to raise the corresponding models' prices, so that could prove another boon for business users. In 2014, Apple officially acquired Beats for $3 billion, making it the biggest acquisition Apple has ever made in the history. Larger changes are being saved for next year.

There's not a whole lot to the image as it simply shows the iPhone SE 2 screen protector next to an iPhone X screen protector.

The digital wellbeing movement is part of a fairly recent course correction for Silicon Valley tech companies, which are now being held accountable for the addictive nature of the devices, apps and services they've created.

Olixar, meanwhile, is so convinced that this is the next iPhone design that it is already taking pre-orders for its case. The keynote with all the exciting announcements in it will happen on the Monday, with the rest of the event being workshops and meetings for developers to train and network with others in their field.

On a brighter note, Apple is reportedly going to include fast chargers with the all the new iPhone X models.

Apple declined to comment. Now it seems as though another iPhone will be adopting the notch soon.

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Should business users expect an innovative new MacBook Pro with two individual panes of touch-sensitive glass and an iPad-like keyboard instead of the traditional static display and separate physical keyboard and touchpad?

Such a wearable is still some years out, it's believed, with Apple unlikely to announce anything until 2020 according to most estimates.

AR has become a major focus at both companies.

Keep your ears cocked for Apple to refine Face ID, Apple's secure biometric face unlock tool that uses the 3D front-facing camera. Unlike a year ago, there will be no announcements pertaining to the company's Mac lineup.

On the Mac front, Bloomberg says that "the focus this year will be on integrating more deeply with iOS", potentially including the debut of Marzipan, a previously reported initiative to let iOS apps run on Macs.

Perhaps the biggest news will come in the form of iOS 12 which will be Apple's next big update for iPhones and iPads.

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