A Frasier Reboot Might Actually Be Happening



In the one-hour series finale, which was watched by almost 34 million viewers on May 13, 2004, Frasier left Seattle for Chicago, Illinois, to follow his girlfriend, Charlotte (Laura Linney), instead of relocating to San Francisco, California, for a new professional opportunity.

Of the big three 90s sitcoms - Frasier, Friends, Seinfeld - this is the only one that could feasibly work, and it could be interesting to see Frasier Crane trying to tackle the modern world's problems.

And rival the Hollywood Reporter said producers CBS TV Studios were in 'the very early stages of discussion ' with Grammer. Could Frasier make the jump from radio to podcasts or some other more modern form of interaction with faceless audiences? This could mean another move for the character, who already switched from the Boston Cheers locale to the Seattle setting of Frasier, which ran for 11 seasons and saw him relocate to reconnect with his father (John Mahoney's Martin) and brother (David Hyde Pierce's Niles).

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"Frasier", a spinoff of "Cheers" originally aired on NBC from 1993 to 2004 and won 37 Emmy awards.

'It would be neat to see what happened to him, because clearly he never had any luck in love, ' Grammer revealed in an interview with TV Guide a year ago.

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