Cool New Fortnite Skin Out Now Alongside New Patch

Fortnite,NoobFeed,Epic Games

Fortnite,NoobFeed,Epic Games

Now, a new content update released today will add more to the game, including some new weapons for both Battle Royale and Save The World modes.

The challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale ask players to do some incredible feats, be it killing players with certain weapons or in specific locations, though sometimes it asks them to do odd things, like find supply llamas.

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This weapon is actually replacing the Tactical SMG, which has been vaulted as of this patch. Save The World will be getting the Typewriter Assault Rifle, which will be added to the Weekly Store on July 18th. It does 19-21 base damage and, just as you'd expect, uses light ammo, with a 30 round capacity before it needs to be reloaded. "Run and gun with the new Submachine Gun, ideal for those intense close range battles". These llamas are exceptionally hard to find during a game of Fortnite, but find one and it will be worth your time. That gun, of course, looks like an old-school Tommy Gun with a large drum magazine. This will make it great for dealing with large groups of enemies. Epic also announced that the Save The World mode will be on sale through July 30th. Grabbing a Standard edition gets you seven Piñata Packs and four in-game banner icons, Deluxe ups that to 33 Piñata Packs, a rare weapon starter pack, a special Founder's pistol, a starter hero pack, 50 extra vault inventory slots, 10 in-game banner icons and - phew - XP boosts.

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