Hearthstone Boomsday Project: New expansion brings back Dr Boom

Credit Blizzard

Credit Blizzard

Explore the wonders of science with 135 zany new cards in The Boomsday Project™, the next expansion for Hearthstone®, Blizzard Entertainment's smash-hit digital card game. The expansion will also feature legendary spells, for the first time in Hearthstone. The "Magnetic" ability, for instance, allows you to bolt one card onto another card for a boost of power. Similar to Goblins vs. Gnomes, this expansion focuses on the lighter side of things, with mechs, insane explosions and ridiculous cards. Whether players prefer to wield magic or arms in battle, strike from the shadows or head on-or have never given any of that much thought-they'll be able to jump right in, create a deck, and get in on the card-slinging action. Biology Project fits with Druid's theme of ramping up mana crystals quickly, and the 1-cost, gain 2 mana effect could lead to some explosive Turn 1 openings.

To top it all off, the evil doctor himself was teased as a Warrior Hero Card. The Boomsday Project will introduce magnetic minions, which can fuse with mechs to increase their capabilities.

While not keywords themselves, The Boomsday Project also introduces two new groups of cards: Projects and Omega cards.

Each of the nine new Legendary Spells will represent one of the nine Classes. Maybe you could hold onto it until you have no cards in hand and only 10 cards or so left in your deck?

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Furthermore, new Omega cards will be available, offering incredible rewards when played at 10 mana crystals. Here's hoping we don't see any card draw, like Coldlight Oracle, which was recently rotated out of the game. But hey, there's still plenty more to be revealed.

Blizzard will be adding a new single player experience into Hearthstone with the implementation of the Boomsday Project in the form of The Puzzle Lab. It will go live on August 21, two weeks after the expansion itself, bringing "over 100 different mind-boggling puzzles". Those who choose to pre-order will be able to choose between a 50-pack bundle that includes a golden class legendary card and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back ($49.99) or a new 80-pack Mega Bundle that gives you the 50-pack bonuses plus a new Warlock hero; Mecha-Jaraxxus.

Also coming to The Boomsday Project are new "Project" cards, which give additional benefits to both you and your opponent during a match.

And as noted last week, Mountain Giant, Molten Giant, Witchwood Piper, North Sea Kraken, and Jungle Moonkin have had their tribal tags adjusted.

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