How to clean up Xbox One add-ons for more free space

How to clean up Xbox One add-ons for more free space

How to clean up Xbox One add-ons for more free space

Microsoft is rolling out an update for Xbox users that includes a feature called FastStart, which is created to get users playing games more quickly once they buy them - up to two times as fast as they have been up to this point. FastStart-enabled games prioritize the most important parts of the game first, saving the rest of the data to download in the background while you're playing the first few minutes of the game. FastStart now applies to all English-language games in the Xbox Game Pass, including Fallout 4, Sea of Thieves, Elder Scrolls Online, and more. This system, which was unveiled at E3 2018, targets the most important files needed to begin playing and downloads those first, which should allow players to hop into games they are downloading twice as fast.

Microsoft says a number of games available on its Xbox Games Pass program will be available to download using FastStart starting today and more games will follow suit sometime down the road - no extra developer work required.

Both Xbox and PlayStation include similar features which allow users to play your game when a certain amount of the game has been downloaded - in Xbox's case, it's called "ready to start".

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With so much content available, fans have asked for more options to organize libraries of games and apps. They are also tied to one's Xbox Live account, so they can be used across multiple consoles. We've started you off with a Group that should look very familiar - your Pins! This process is found in many apps, but now you can do it anywhere within the dashboard.

Xbox One's July update also introduces several improvements to Mixer. You will be able to see a full list of supported titles here, though it hadn't been updated at the time this article was being written. You can now broadcast your webcam in full screen from your Xbox, and the quality and performance of broadcasts have also been improved in Mixer, according to Microsoft.

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