Roku just entered the wireless speaker space

Image Roku

Image Roku

Roku today announced its first step into the smart speaker market with its Roku TV Wireless Speakers. This has been a feature many streamers have been asking for since streaming started. They're powered by Roku's TV operating system, which provides all the benefits of a Roku OTT player without the clutter of an added device and its accompanying cords. Once paired, they can stream any audio from the connected TV.

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers will be available by year's end for $199.99, but Roku is offering a pre-order discount.

These new speakers will not only connect wirelessly to your Roku TV, but they will also offer Bluetooth support for streaming from mobile devices, allowing you to listen to your music through your Roku speakers.

Roku shares the contents of the Roku TV Wireless Speakers below.

Image Roku
Image Roku

"Optimized" in this sense refers to the software-improved audio quality: automatic volume leveling will boost lower audio in quiet scenes and lower audio in loud scenes (and in booming commercials), and dialogue enhancement will improve speech intelligibility.

Roku Speakers, Roku Touch, new remote that controls both speakers and TV Roku Because the speakers won't be available until October and are still very much in beta, I didn't have the opportunity to experience the setup process or see the sound controls, but I did get to hear them - and they sound pretty impressive. What exactly is my concern? And the different layers - a helicopter's blades, the sound of metal on metal, an explosion - were distinguishable from one another, as opposed to the cocktail of sounds you usually get from the special effects of today's action scenes. But what if your TV breaks?

Roku will start shipping the speakers in October of this year here in the United States for $199.99 (about £150, AU$270), available exclusively through its website and, to sweeten the deal, the speakers will be available to pre-order this week for $149.99 before increasing to just $179.99 for the remainder of the pre-release window. There's also a press-and-hold talk button that lets you speak commands to your TV, even if you're not in front of it.

Roku TV owners can buy the bundle for $150 on Roku's website starting today, but the price will increase to $180 on July 24 and then up again on October 15.

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