There is Only One Blockbuster Video Store Left in America

The last Blockbuster in Bend Oregon

The last Blockbuster in Bend Oregon

"It's tough to tell the customers, it really is", Kevin Daymude, general manager at the DeBarr, Anchorage, location, told the newspaper.

Alaska's last two Blockbuster video rental stores will close this week and liquidate remaining inventory, the stores' management announced Thursday. The stunt brought plenty of attention to the location, but the video store just didn't get the influx of business it was expecting. By this year, only a pair in Alaska and the final OR store had endured.

But now there's only one Blockbuster store left in America: An outlet in Bend, Oregon.

The company, which once boasted almost 10,000 locations in the US, was founded by Waste Management founder and former Florida Marlins owner Wayne Huizenga, who passed away earlier this year. "We have thought of you as family for the past 28 years".

"We hope to see you at our stores during the closing, even if it's just to say "Hello, '" the final two shops" managers posted in a Facebook announcement on Thursday. He also sent John Oliver movies featuring the memorabilia as a thank you. "Last two Blockbusters in Alaska are closing". The company filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and was bought out by Dish Network in 2011.

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It was the great poet Percy Shelley who once wrote: "And on the pedestal, these words appear: My name is Blockbuster, Video Store of Video Stores; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Franchise owner Alan Payne told CBS This Morning last year that many people hadn't seen a Blockbuster store in several years.

Blockbuster managed to survive the onslaught of video streaming in Alaska because of poor internet service compared to the rest of the U.S. Harsh weather conditions would often cut the Internet connection.

Blockbuster formally closed all company-owned stores by January 2014, leaving franchisees to fend for themselves. Blockbuster shuttered most of their stores years ago, but a few stragglers remained.

However, the unexpected boom of streaming services like Netflix dealt a blow to video stores that they could not recover from.

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