Walmart, Microsoft team up to take on Amazon

Walmart, Microsoft team up to take on Amazon

Walmart, Microsoft team up to take on Amazon

The five-year agreement gives Walmart access to the full range of Microsoft cloud services, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, Walmart said Tuesday. Microsoft will be ensuring it all goes as smoothly as possible in a bid to extend the partnership well beyond the first five years.

In a jab at Amazon, Walmart announced today that it will be forming a new partnership with Microsoft to accelerate their digital transformation.

Though Walmart already uses Microsoft products and services for workloads across their company, this new partnership will see them use Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and data platform solutions.

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Plans call for Walmart and Microsoft engineers to move hundreds of the Bentonville, Ark. -based retailer's applications to cloud-native architectures.

Specifically, Walmart will be using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 in a standardization across their brands. The retailer also will be able to operate at scale as it builds a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform on Azure, ranging from connected HVAC and refrigeration units to reduce energy usage in thousands of US stores to the application of machine learning in routing thousands of trucks in the supply chain. This includes potential usage of modern workplace tools such as Workplace Analytics and OneDrive in order to increase productivity through better communication and collaboration.

If you're wondering just how deep this partnership goes, Walmart is committed to building an entire Internet-of-Things operation running on Azure, which will cover everything from managing the refrigeration units in thousands of stores to using machine learning to improve the company's entire supply chain. Walmart has similarly been looking for ways to compete with the massive e-commerce company as it continues to grow.

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