2 men with mental health issues escape care home to party

2 men with mental health issues escape care home to party

2 men with mental health issues escape care home to party

Two elderly men escaped from their nursing home in Germany on Friday. and the cops found them at the world's biggest HEAVY METAL FESTIVAL.

The miscommunication isn't hard to understand - in a story from August 4 by German broadcaster NDR, a police spokesperson was quoted as saying that the pair "had obviously liked the metal festival", going on to say that they "seemed disoriented and apathetic" at the bus stop where they were eventually found.

The two men, who were initially reported as elderly, were discovered missing from a care home in northern Germany between August 2 and 4, according to Deutsche Welle.

The men did, indeed, leave their care home and headed to the town of Wacken, which is located near the festival.

The initial reports described the two men as elderly who escaped a "retirement home" to party at at Wacken Open Air.

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On top of that, the updated statement from the police department clarifies that the two men never even made it into the Wacken festival.

The two men, aged 58 and 59, had mental health issues and were taken to a medical tent set up for attendees of the music festival after they were found. They apparently missed the last bus. "The care home quickly organized a return transport after police picked them up".

After speaking with police, the men eventually "willingly" agreed to leave in the taxi, which was followed by a patrol vehicle. The nursing home alerted police after the gentlemen were found to be missing from the center.

DW contacted Itzehoe police when the report first emerged, but we were told on August 5 there was no further information to give.

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