Almost 800000 pay for YouTube's bout between Logan Paul and KSI

KSI v Logan Paul

KSI v Logan Paul

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI (a.k.a. Olajide "JJ" Olatunji) are following in the footsteps of Tonya Harding and Paula Jones (or perhaps Danny Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams?) and stepping into the boxing ring for a pay-per-view fight in England's Manchester Arena this weekend.

KSI initially called out Logan's younger brother Jake after he defeated Joe Weller in February in his boxing debut, but Jake declined and Logan stepped up to the challenge.

It is estimated the pair will earn millions with YouTube's pay-per-view priced at £7.50 ($13.15), tickets to the event between £34 ($60) and £516, as well as revenue from sponsorship and merchandise sales.

KSI, real name Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji, and Logan Paul have nearly 40mn subscribers between them.

Before the match, both fighters had backed themselves and predicted that they're going to knock the opponent out.

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While most people over 25 might have rolled their eyes at it, the fight was a big deal.

The fight started out with Logan dominant, making his size and reach advantage clear.

After that result, both YouTube personalities already want to get back into the ring.

The crowd began to notice that not only was the FIFA YouTuber-turned-rapper-turned-boxer growing stronger and fitter, but Logan was getting increasingly exhausted as the event wore on. KSI for one, was tweeting @ Logan Paul literally hours before the dress rehearsal.

This is part of the two-fight deal that the pair signed in March, which said that 100 percent of the United Kingdom event's net profit from ticket sales would go to KSI, while the same would happen for Logan Paul in the American event. "What happened. The rematch is going to be f***ing insane", Paul told reporters after the match. With hundreds of thousands watching online, it's hard not to take notice.

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