CNN’s Jim Acosta Faces Taunts from Trump Supporters at Tampa Rally

Jim Acosta gets heckled by huge crowd at Trump rally – while he’s on air

Jim Acosta gets heckled by huge crowd at Trump rally – while he’s on air

Eric Trump, who was at the event, tweeted out video of the chants at CNN, with the word, "Truth".

He wrote that he was anxious the "hostility" spurred by Trump could eventually result in someone getting hurt.

Other reporters and media personalities defended Acosta on Twitter, with reporters who were also covering the Trump rally saying that Acosta would make a point of engaging with the hecklers between live shots.

Rows of metal barriers separate the press from the crowd so they could not reach the reporter.

President Trump gestures during a campaign rally Tuesday night in Tampa. One Trump-supporter's shirt reads "f*ck the media".

"Honestly, it felt like we weren't in America anymore", he said. The press is not the enemy, ' Acosta wrote.

The president has also made the media a bete noir, calling them the "fake news media" and the 'enemy of the people'.

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When the US President travelled to the United Kingdom last month, Mr Trump refused to answer a question from CNN, before he accepted one from Fox News. "We're done", yelled one White House official.

But Acosta and Trump seem to have a particularly antagonistic relationship. Acosta said that he chatted with some of the Trump supporters, adding, "I took more questions from them than the president has taken from the press lately".

HUCKABEE SANDERS: I'm sorry, what was the first part of question? Earlier on Tuesday, he wrote that "the Fake News Media is going insane!" Let's go to a real network, ' he said.

'Well, we're a real network too, Mr. President, ' he complained.

At Esquire, Jack Holmes noted that contempt toward the media was displayed at the rally alongside vocal support for the conspiracy theory known as "QAnon", positing that Democrats are planning to overthrow Trump.

In June, at a rally in South Carolina, Acosta was met with chants of "Go home!' and branded 'Fake news Jim" by the crowd.

Acosta tweeted out video from Trump's rally Tuesday night in Tampa, which showed people shouting "You suck!" and making obscene gestures toward him.

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